Adjectives that describe Benjamin Nicholas and his simple outlook on his niche in the escorting world not to mention how he will continue to remain one of the top 10 escort/companions in the industry today.

Many thanks for stopping by my newly redesigned website! You’ll notice that this new look is ultra-inclusive, intensely interactive and an all-around a much better site with nice flow & graphic appeal. Enjoy it, as always feel free to drop me an email letting me know how to improve it with your suggestions.

Regarding escorting/companionship, I am available worldwide for any personal needs. My passport is well-worn and up-to-date, with appropriate Visas depending on destination country. My schedule takes me all over the world, but I am NEVER too busy to answer any messages I receive. Shoot me an email at your convenience and we can discuss meeting plans for the near future.

First and foremost, I live by the ‘Golden Rule’ with mutual respect being my priority to each of my guys. Secondly, the group of guys that I see is a very small, very exclusive one. This ‘exclusivity’ doesn’t pertain to money or power, but simply to being with good people. I consider my guys to be friends & family. Not quite unlike Karma, ‘the love you take is equal to the love you make…’

I am college-educated (double major, working now on my MA) and 100% versatile in any given situation. Making fantasy a reality and sharing it with the guys I see is what makes me love what I do. Added street-smarts, sexual drive & world-traveling round out my persona to make me one easy person to please while allowing me to mesh into practically any environment.

To find out more about me, my rates and my availability, email me now!

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